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Foot or ankle pain isn’t normal, so if your feet or ankles are bothering you, it’s best to get them checked to make sure there are no underlying conditions causing your discomfort. Some people may find it difficult to identify foot or ankle pain, because they’ve grown so accustomed to it over the course of weeks, months, or even years in some cases. Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve been experiencing foot or ankle pain for a long time but never thought anything of it. If that’s the case, we invite you to come into our podiatry office in Loveland, CO, and allow us to make sure there are no serious problems with your feet or ankles.

We can also help you to determine the cause for your foot or ankle pain and help you to prevent it in the future. For example, sometimes foot or ankle pain is caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes for prolonged periods of time. You may also have abnormal foot function due to flat feet or some other conditions, in which case we can create custom orthotics to make your feet and ankles comfortable.

How To Get Foot And Ankle Pain Relief

Our top-rated foot doctor in Loveland, Colorado (CO), has helped over 20,000 happy patients get back to living their lives without foot and ankle pain since 1985. If you’re ready to find out why your feet or ankles have been causing you pain, please give us a call at 970-278-1440 to make your first appointment. We invite you to download our $25 Initial Savings Certificate to use toward your first visit at our Loveland podiatry office.

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Advanced Foot And Ankle Care located in Loveland, Colorado (CO) treats all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Licensed Loveland Podiatrist, Dr. Taylor can help bring you foot and ankle pain relief.
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